Trees in the Forest- Students


Welcome to this module about trees and how they grow. Not even your textbooks cover some of this information; by doing this module you and your teacher are helping Colorado’s forests. It is important to learn about the different parts of the tree and how trees grow together to understand how the forest works and therefore how we can keep the forest healthy. You will also learn about fires in the forest and how they can both hurt and help the health of the forest depending on the type of fire.  Understanding the role of fire in a healthy forest ecosystem will help you make good decisions about how we treat the forest now and in the future.

At the Coalition for the Upper South Platte (CUSP), we find this particular topic very close to our hearts. When you help the forest during your service volunteer day you will either be working on restoration of a burn area or prevention of another catastrophic burn. You will learn a little forest history, and will take a little science with you. Our deepest desire is for you to be able to understand and describe the unique qualities of a Ponderosa Front Range Forest, and in time, as you mature as students, understand how forest health relates to all of us.




Activity 3 – Part 1: Student Reading

Activity 3 – Part 2: Student Reading



Tree Factory 

The Parts of a Tree Worksheet

Functions of the Tree Parts Worksheets


Excerpts from Anatomy of a Tree

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Project Learning Tree

Colorado State Forest Service  

Trees: The Carbon Storage Experts 

Urban Forest 

A Year in the Life of a Pine Beetle Coloring Book 

A Year in the Life of a Pine Beetle Book 

Arbor Day Foundation’s Life of a Tree 



Colorado State Forest Service  

Trees: The Carbon Storage Experts 

Urban Forest

Living with Fire: Protecting Communities and Restoring Forests Findings and Recommendations of the Front Range Fuels Treatment Partnership Roundtable, May 2006